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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Flint House Police Rehabilitation


‘Flint House is a charity, funded by donations from those in the police service and their families. It is with these generous donations that we help and heal over 3,500 serving and retired police officers each year, providing physical rehabilitation and mental health support.’


For more information about Flint House, please visit: About us - Flint House Police Rehabilitation


To donate through payroll


  • Payroll will collect £9.21 from gross pay via a GAYE scheme. It is the equivalent to a £7.37 donation from net pay by the Officer.
  • The difference of £1.84 is effectively the tax relief (saving).
  • In essence, you have donated £9.21. HMRC have given back £1.84 in an income tax (20%) deduction, so the actual donation value was only £7.37 from your residual net pay (disposable income).

Application to donate via payroll


Alternatively, to donate directly


  • You can apply directly to Flint House and set up the standard payment of £7.37.
  • You can apply via the following link:

Regularly Donate - Flint House Police Rehabilitation