90 days from today is Wed, 23 October 2024

Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Join The Federation

For as little as 78p per day - a total of £24.31 per pay day - members will have the full protection of the Federation for the rest of their working career, not to mention real peace of mind. 

New recruits are also entitled to reduced Federation subscription fees for the first year of their police service.  


  • Year 1 - 50% of Full Rate. Currently £12.16
  • Year 2 - 100% (Full Rate). Currently £24.31 

If you think this is expensive, think again. How costly would it be to have professional and legal support at your fingertips when you most need it? Employment tribunals, defamatory comments, false allegation against you: these are just some examples of how the Federation spends approximately £10 million per year in legal representation for members. 

A number of the services provided are paid for by contributing members and therefore not available to non-contributing members. If you want to apply to be a contributing member follow the links below: 

Avon and Somerset Police Federation - Application - complete on computer, save document & return to following e-mail address - info.avonsom@polfed.org

If you contribute to a recognised staff association such as the Police Federation you can claim an allowance against those subscriptions. If you have never claimed for this, all is not lost because you can claim for up to six previous years. 

To find out more:

HM Revenue & Customs - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)