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Avon & Somerset Police Federation


Wellbeing leafleat

Have you been putting off your health check? Work, life, family taking a priority? Do you have a concern but you're not sure where to get help or turn to?

PFEW's 'first steps' guidance is here to help you - it will help find out more, where to go to for help, and finding out the best ways to either get help, or offer support.

Officers now work longer hours, have to manage incidents with less resources, have higher workloads and have taken on more responsibility - all the while maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle required to pass the annual fitness test.

Ill health can affect anyone at any age in their lives, some issues affect both sexes, while some are gender specific. Both physical and mental health are serious considerations for the Federation.

The aim of this booklet is to provide you with some useful information and preventative advice for a healthier you.

We also have dedicated pages on this website on mental health, financial wellbeing as well as just some of the places where you can get support on all these issues.