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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Welcoming Mark Loker as the new Chair of Avon and Somerset

25 November 2021

Mark Loker is the new Chair of Avon & Somerset Police Federation – and he is looking forward to supporting the area’s fantastic officers in their work.

Mark has been a police officer for 19 years, following a career in the military, with his eldest son also in the police family. He said he looked forward to working with members to make sure their voices are heard.

Previously Federation Treasurer and Conduct Lead, Mark said: “My priority is to ensure that, as representatives of Avon & Somerset Police Officers, the Federation is transparent in its approach and accountable to the membership.

“We have an open-door policy – if there’s a problem that we can assist you with, please approach us and we will do our best. But we will be honest with you – if we can’t remedy it, we’ll tell you.”

He added: "I’m quite happy to be held accountable for my ability, my words and my actions. I won’t shy away from difficult topics, but I won't always have the answers that people want to hear. Police officers don’t want to have the wool pulled over their eyes – there needs to be credibility in the message.”

Mark said he would be pushing for fair remuneration packages for the hard work officers did every day.

He said: “I want our police officers to be proud of the organisation they serve and the work that they do. But that can only come through recognition. Recognition will come through the proper remuneration – for instance we saw in COP26 that some forces gave proper remuneration to officers for the time they spent away from their families, while other forces gave none.”

Mark added that he would ensure that officers “have the right tools, the right training and the right equipment and support”.

And he would not be afraid to challenge senior officers and the Police and Crime Commissioner when required: “It’s easy to say ‘I care about your welfare’, but that doesn't mend broken bones and minds. We need senior leadership to put actions where their words are, to show support for our officers. I will be holding them to account on that.”

Mark thanked the previous Federation Chair, Iain Prideaux, for all his hard work. Iain will continue to support members in his new role as Treasurer. Tony Henley remains as Secretary and Neil Kingdon is Deputy Secretary.