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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Police officers thousands of pounds worse off than they were ten years ago

6 January 2022

Police officers are £1,000s worse off than they were 10 years ago as a result of wages failing to keep pace with prices.

Sgts/PCs inflation-adjusted pay is £5,595 a year lower than a decade ago, according to a TUC report.

Mark Loker, Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation, said: “By not recognising the constant sacrifice of our members the Government have confirmed not only their contempt for hard working, committed Police Officers but also shown their contempt for the independent Police Pay Remuneration Board (PRRB) who have had their hands tied by each Home Secretary and simply ignored, ironic when the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) recommendations are eagerly accepted whenever MP’s pay is discussed.

“Simply the PRRB has not been allowed to do its role, which is to assess fair pay for Police Officers, as their recommendation are ignored, their findings dismissed and the Government announcing a real-terms pay cut for police officers.”

Mark added: “Whilst a nation clapped the NHS, the Government were slapping other Covid heroes in the face and to be very clear, our members are nothing short of heroes.

“Over the festive period we have seen our members being assaulted, spat on, bitten, punched and having bones broken, we have also seen our members applying for pay day loans, accessing food banks, living off credit cards and not being able to afford fuel to get to their designated police stations.

“We look to protect the protectors, how about paying the protectors?

“The pressures on Policing have never been as high with demand, expectations and mental health illness soaring. I would expect to see the Government finally put actions to their words and to recognise this in 2022 and award a pay rise which takes into account the last ten years of hardship, pay cuts and disdain that officers have had to face.

“As I have said before shallow words and faux praise does nothing to fix bones or broken minds and it does nothing to show our membership anything other than exceptional levels of hypocrisy and contempt, a pat on the head does not put food on the table.”