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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Message to members following recent ET finding

12 June 2023

Like many of you, we are still reading and trying to digest the results of the Employment Tribunal judgement on the police pension discrimination claim against the Police Federation of England and Wales. 


On Wednesday last week we attended an extraordinary National Council meeting – of Chairs and Secretaries from across the country - where the judgment of the Tribunal was discussed. The judgment found that PFEW let down a large group of our members across the country.  Clearly, the ruling makes for very difficult reading, both for our members, and for us as elected officials. 


Unanimously we agreed that our messaging to you all should feature understanding and grace to recognise that at that time certain members of the National Board of the PFEW got it so very wrong - and in so doing let everyone affected by the Pension Reforms down. 


Sadly the message that was released by the National Federation did not do that, however they have now recognised this and amended the original statement. 


We understand the hurt and it is understandable to us all that many Officers feel that disappointment, frustration and anger. We include ourselves in that, we are equally affected and our public messaging as a Police Federation should have reflected all of our thoughts and feelings.


What was done to Policing by the Government was a disgrace and as our Staff Association, the National Police Federation of England and Wales should have done everything in their power and more at that time to fight it, whatever the advice and whatever the outcome.


On behalf of Avon and Somerset Police Federation, we assure you that your Branch and our hard working Reps will continue to work tirelessly to represent you to the very best of our abilities. We will continue to hold the National board and council of the Police Federation of England and Wales  to account without fear or favour. We will do all we can to ensure your voices are heard and acted upon, both locally and nationally.


From us all


Mark, Iain, Neil and Tony.