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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

#FairPayForPolice: Federation take message to the heart of power in Westminster

28 July 2021

“Police officers have given everything. Yet again, the Government has given them nothing”
That was the message taken to the heart of power today as police officers from across the country came to Westminster to voice their fury at their treatment by the Government.
A huge billboard carrying the message “No Covid Vaccine. No Police Pay Rise. No Confidence in Priti Patel”
accompanied the officers as it reminded those working in The House of Commons, The Home Office and 10 Downing Street of how the Government has betrayed the country’s hard-working police officers.
Brave colleagues who risked their safety – and sadly that of their families – as they kept people in the country safe over the last 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic were last week awarded a 0% pay rise by the Government.
Tony Henley, Secretary of Avon and Somerset Police Federation, said: “I'm here in London today because of the recent decision not to pay the police and give them a pay rise this time.
“I'm here on behalf of all of the colleagues up and down the country and particularly those in Avon and Somerset that have worked over the coronavirus and still continue to work hard managing and dealing with the very high demand they are facing.”
As a result of the vaccine and pay betrayals, the Police Federation of England and Wales has passed a vote of no confidence in Home Secretary Priti Patel and has withdrawn its support and engagement from the Police Remuneration Review Body, labelling the current police officer pay mechanism ‘not fit for purpose’.
Tony added: "To literally be told they are not going to have a pay rise is like a kick in the face and a betrayal of the work our officers have done over the last 18 months.”
The Police Federation of England and Wales has now called on the Government to dispense with policing platitudes and to agree to work with the Police Federation on an entirely new and fairer system of remuneration decision-making.
And to reverse the 0% pay award decision and give our police officers a meaningful pay increase.