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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Avon and Somerset Police Federation hits out at Government for trying to influence independent police pay body

7 December 2021

Avon and Somerset Police Federation has hit out at the Government for trying to influence what is supposed to be an independent body which advises on police officer pay rises.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel contacted the Police Remuneration Review Body this week to thank them for their work in the last pay round and for their “considered and thoughtful observations” on police officer pay in their 2021 report.

Police officers were given no pay rise in 2021 when the Home Secretary tied the PRRB’s hands under the guise of public sector pay restraint.

But Mark Loker, Federation Chair, said: “In her letter, the Home Secretary states ‘I ask that your recommendations and observations are considered in the context of the Government’s commitment to increase police officer numbers by 20,000 over three years’ and ‘The Government must balance the need to ensure fair pay for public sector workers with protecting funding for frontline services and ensuring affordability for taxpayers’.  How is that allowing independence or asking for independence?”

Both the Police Federation of England and Wales and Superintendents Association have backed out the PRRB following the latest pay freeze. 

Mark said: “We find it incredible that the Home Secretary thanks the independent review body for their work, which they have been ignored by her.

“Nationwide, we have lost around 20,000 officers and that has had a massive impact as can be seen by soaring crime figures and increased levels of stress and mental health issues among police officers and increasing assaults on our colleagues.” 

Mark said it was time police officers were given a proper and meaningful pay rise from the Government. He added: “Constant words of gratitude and plaudit do nothing to put food on the table, repair broken bones and minds. And they do nothing to show proper appreciation for the brave police officers up and down the country that put themselves on the line every day to protect the public.”