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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Avon and Somerset Police Federation has paid tribute to Chief Constable Andy Marsh as he steps down from the role

21 June 2021

Avon and Somerset Police Federation has paid tribute to Chief Constable Andy Marsh, who will step down from the role in July. 

Mr Marsh began his policing career with the force in 1987, and has been chief since 2016. 

As he prepared to leave the post, he paid tribute to his officers and highlighted the dangers of the role. 

Mr Marsh spoke out about going on patrol with two female police officers who had both been at the riots outside Bridewell Police Station in March: "One of them had a container of urine thrown over her and was assaulted. Another one had her helmet smashed by a bottle thrown. Now to smash a public order helmet takes an awful lot. She was pushed under a police horse, incredibly traumatised - and these are real people.

"I feel I've seen the worst of this pandemic through and I'm incredibly proud of how police officers that I'm privileged to serve with, and police staff, have managed the Black Lives Matter protest, the Kill The Bill protest and the policing of Covid."

Iain Prideaux, Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation, said: “I have had the pleasure of serving under Mr Marsh’s leadership and he has brought benefits both internally and externally. The introduction of body worn cameras has brought transparency and a greater understanding of the challenges police officers face and Mr Marsh has promoted kindness in leadership and officer wellbeing. 

“Mr Marsh introduced the 7-point promise to look after staff who are assaulted or a victim of hate crime and welfare information forms which keep him sighted on incidents when officers have been hurt. I wish to thank him for setting an example of what vocational service looks like - and congratulations on your retirement.”

Mr Marsh said one of the reasons he is stepping down from the role is due to the length of contract a Chief Constable can be offered. Currently a first contract can be up to five years with a subsequent renewal of up to three years, both of which Mr Marsh has served. After that however, the contract is renewed annually, something he feels does not tally with the scale of the job.

He told ITV News: "I don't think an annual renewal of a contract is a good position for a job as significant as leading a really brilliant organisation like Avon and Somerset Constabulary.” 

To see the story in full, go to: https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2021-06-16/bodycams-protests-and-a-pandemic-avon-and-somerset-police-chief-reflects-as-he-steps-down