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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Avon And Somerset Officers Encouraged to Complete Pay and Morale Survey

6 November 2023

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is lobbying the Government for a truly independent and impartial pay mechanism for police officers and remuneration which factors in the dangers officers face 24/7, and it is vital that members add their voice to the national campaign. 

Going live today, Monday [6 November], the Pay and Morale Survey 2023 is about more than just collecting insights on officers’ pay and working conditions as its findings will serve as a crucial pillar in supporting and taking forward the PFEW’s ongoing national pay campaign. 

Ian Prideuax, Vice Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation, said: “Hot on the heels of the Constabulary’s People Survey, comes the Federation’s own annual Pay and Morale survey.  

“Our survey, launched today is available to you to complete at home and is an extremely valuable way of capturing your lived experience.  

“Once it’s completed, the Federation will capture the national and Constabulary picture so I can compare and contrast the data from both survey’s. This credible evidence, will help me to reflect upon the force values of Courageous, Caring, Learning and Inclusivity to see how they compare with your workplace experience.  

“High quality data greatly assists us in influencing the Constabulary to make the best decisions for your health and wellbeing, your renumeration and the reward and recognition you deserve.  

“The results also greatly affect our ability to negotiate your pay and conditions and show Government just how you feel they are treating us. As 2023 closes and 2024 emerges, there will be some big choices for you, the Constabulary and Government to consider. Please take this opportunity to have your say and thank you for investing your time. 

The annual survey also offers a unique opportunity to gain accurate and timely insights into the current state of police officers’ morale and wellbeing. 

These insights play a pivotal role in helping us shape policies that are geared towards supporting our members. 

It is a comprehensive effort to provide evidence not only to the Government and key stakeholders, but also inform the public with a thorough understanding of the challenges police officers face in their daily duties. 

 It also ensures we capture the views of new recruits to the police service, allowing us to inform the Government, key stakeholders and the public of their needs and the challenges they face in their early years too. 

National Chair Steve Hartshorn emphasised the critical nature of this endeavour and said: “PFEW intends to conduct a membership ballot concerning the pursuit of industrial rights as soon as is practicable, as we recognise that the current system is unfair and inadequate in upholding police officers’ rights.  

“However, our annual survey’s outcomes will provide us with even more ammunition and compelling evidence, helping us present to the Government a unified perspective of our members.”