Leicestershire  Police Federation

Could you be a Federation representative?

11 February 2018

Federation members wanting to stand for election as a workplace representative need to submit their nomination forms as soon as possible.

Nominations opened on 1 February and close on Saturday (17 February). All key dates in the election process are given in the table below. Elections are being held in all 43 Federation branches across England and Wales.

Terms, for reference, are:

  • Federation branch – each police force has its own Federation branch 

  • Branch Council – all elected workplace representatives (reps) from a force make up its Federation Branch Council 

  • Branch Board – a smaller executive committee elected from the Branch Council.

 Key dates in the Leicestershire Police Federation election process are:



1 - 17 February


Branch Council nominations open


1 - 21 March


Branch Council voting open


28 March


Branch Council election results


3 - 11 April


Branch Board nominations open


15 - 23 April


Branch Board voting open

27 April


Branch Board election results



1 - 11 May


Branch chair nominations open


14 - 30 May


Branch chair voting open

31 May


Branch chair election results



The entry point for getting more involved with Leicestershire Police Federation is standing to be a workplace representative. If elected, you automatically become part of the Branch Council, which is made up of all elected workplace representatives.

Any subscribing member – who has been a member of the Federation for more than two months and is not suspended - can stand as a candidate.

To put yourself forward, simply self-nominate via an online portal during the nomination period. A link has been provided to all members via their PNN email address. You will need to fill in the online nomination form and sign the Standards and Performance Agreement.

Once your nomination is submitted, it will be checked by the branch to ensure the information is correct.

Your questions answered:

Who can vote?

Any members can vote as long as they were a member of the Federation two months before nominations open – so on 1 December 2017. Also, unless otherwise stated, you can vote in elections in which you are standing.

How do I vote?

Voting will be online during the voting period - a link will be provided to all members via their PNN email address at the appropriate time.

How will the Branch Council election results be announced?

Once the voting period closes, candidates will be informed via email if they have been successful. Branches will also receive an electronic copy of the results, as will the national general secretary, who is the arbiter of the election process.

Where can I find out more about being a rep?

Please visit Reps@Work where you can read case studies about the experiences of reps and the members they have helped. You will also find role descriptions covering some of the positions reps hold within the Federation branch.

If you have any further questions about being a rep, for example, how much of your time it might take up and the number of meetings you would need to attend, please contact Tiff Lynch, Leicestershire Police Federation chair.


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