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Wiltshire Police Federation

MPs join Federation chief in condemning attacks on officer

26 August 2019

Swindon Advertiser 

SIX police officers and custody staff were injured dealing with a suspect in custody at Gablecross Police Station.

A detention officer suffered a hairline fracture to her arm and five others were hurt after a 42-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Police had been called at 10.40pm on Saturday to Groves Street because a brick was thrown through a window. The suspect was still in custody the following morning.

Wiltshire Police Federation chairman Mark Andrews said: “My main concern is that this is an example of how people treat officers at the moment.

“I feel, as many others do, that officers get no protection from the judicial system. I believe that anyone who assaults an officer or anyone from the emergency services, should get prison time. Only then will we see a reduction in these incidents.”

MP for South Swindon, Robert Buckland, who is also the secretary of state for justice, said: “I can’t comment about specific incidents that are likely to be the subject of a criminal investigation.

“But assaults against police officers are serious matters that must be dealt with thoroughly. Our dedicated  front line police officers deserve to be supported and protected.”

His colleague Justin Tomlinson added: “It’s disgusting and totally unacceptable behaviour which the highly professional and dedicated staff should not have to face under any circumstances.”

In a statement Wiltshire Police said: “While she was in custody she became abusive and aggressive to officers and staff and bit, scratched and pushed those who were trying to deal with her.

“A female detention officer was bitten on the arm, resulting in broken skin and a hairline fracture.”

The detention officer was treated in hospital and is now recovering at home. The other officers suffered minor injuries.

Insp Carly Nesbitt said: “It is completely unacceptable that our officers and staff were subjected to this nasty assault while simply doing their job.

“This level of violence is sadly becoming more commonplace and we now see our teams abused and assaulted on a daily basis. 

“I would like to commend those on duty last night for their service and wish them all a swift recovery."