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Wiltshire Police Federation

Roll of Honour

The following officers of Wiltshire Police have died during the course of their duties:

  • PC Daniel John Cooper, 2010 (road traffic accident)
  • Sergeant Michael Ivor Tucker, 1991 (heart attack during firearms training)
  • PC John Lewis Marsh, 1989 (collapsed and died after struggling to arrest a suspect)
  • DC Mark Herbert, 1987 (road traffic accident)
  • PC Desmond Derrick Kellam, 1979 (attacked by a suspect)
  • PC Philip Stephen Russell, 1978 (road traffic accident)
  • PC Leonard Alan Harding, 1977 (road traffic accident)
  • PC Robert Edward Cray, 1973 (struck by car)
  • PC Colin D. R. Hayward, 1968 (road traffic accident)
  • PC Cedric A. Hemming, 1968 (struck by car)
  • PC Maurice William Foord, 1961 (struck by car)
  • Chief Inspector Edmund Richard Norris, 1955 (road traffic accident)
  • War Reserve Constable Albert William Newman, 1942 (shot)
  • Inspector Albert Enos Mitchell (road traffic accident)
  • PC Henry G. Tanner, 1931 (road traffic accident)
  • PC Frank Gray, 1929 (road traffic accident)
  • Sergeant William Frank Crouch, 1913 (shot)
  • Superintendent Frederick Bull, 1892 (fatally injured while riding horse)
  • Sergeant Enos Molden, 1892 (shot)
  • PC Andrew Albert Reuben Hancock, 1875 (attacked during a disturbance)