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West Midlands Police Federation

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Service of Reg 17 Notice (commonly referred to as 666s)

  • Should you be served with a Reg 17 Notice, you should seek the advice of a Police Federation discipline representative as soon as practicable and certainly before making any response.
  • You should not be asked any questions by the officer serving the Regulation 17 Notice. 
  • You should sign the notice, keep your copy and provide a copy of your PNB if requested.

Reflective Practice

What is it?

  • The Reflective Practice Review Process (RPRP) is designed to give officers and line managers an opportunity to discuss where things have gone wrong and to look for ways of addressing issues.
  • RPRP is not a disciplinary process and it sits above normal management interventions on minor matters.
  • Matters may be referred directly from managers as well as by way of public complaint or other means.
  • It is not a misconduct finding and is designed to be a way of dealing with relatively low-level misconduct or performance issues in a proportionate way. This means that RPRP cannot be used to block promotions or job moves

The process

  • You will be informed that you are subject to RPRP, and this may be in writing.
  • You will be invited to give your version of events and have five working days to do so.
  • You may seek advice from a Fed rep/staff association at this stage.
  • You will be invited to a Reflective Practice Review Discussion with your line manager

The Reflective Practice Discussion

  • While the Regulations state there is no entitlement to have a Federation representative present during this meeting, it is always worth consideration so as to support you before, during and throughout this process.
  • This is about being open to learning and the message is clear for those subject to this process that learning where appropriate is and will to be adopted. 
  • However, there is an expectation of engagement - failing to engage could result in formal proceedings.
  • The discussion will encompass the incident that lead to RPRP, learning, training needs, welfare, and actions moving forward.
  • It is an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong, or what could go better next time.
  • Officers can speak freely because matters discussed about the reasons for the Reflective Practice Review Discussion cannot be used in any misconduct proceedings in the future.
  • If an officer fails to sufficiently engage with the RP process, they may be moved on to the UPP process if appropriate.

The report

  • After the discussion a report will be completed by the line manager which will be retained and reviewed.
  • The report will include what was discussed, as well as any actions agreed if any, moving forward.

Final word

West Midlands Police Federation supports the Force in its aim to be an open, tolerant and diverse working environment.

These following types of misconduct are the behaviours that are very likely to end in formal proceedings where dismissal is very likely;

  • Discriminatory behaviour
  • Making sexual comments or offering unwanted verbal or physical attention to colleague
  • Sharing material, for example via social media, that is racist or sexually offensive
  • Forming relationships with members of the public where that relationship has been facilitated by the position of power held by the staff member and the vulnerability of the member of the public.

The Chief Constable made his position very clear in the letter he sent out to every member of staff:

“If you engage in any of this behaviour, it could result in gross misconduct. If it is and is proven, you may face dismissal. We can have no tolerance for racism and sexual harassment in an organisation whose purpose is to uphold the law and to provide safety and protection for everyone in society.”

If you need clarity around any of the above and/or advice in relation to any discipline related matter, please contact either West Midlands Police Federation conduct lead Dave Hadley (07807 079409) or Dawn Murkett (07792 773787).

For and on behalf of West Midlands Police Federation Discipline Committee.