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Coronavirus Travel Insurance Update

26 February 2020

If you are a member of the George Burrows Insurance & Travel Scheme and planning to Travel in the coming weeks, please note the following from AVIVA on their current stance regarding the Coronavirus. They have confirmed:

Firstly, at the moment based on FCO guidelines if a member does travel and contracts coronavirus they would be covered, subject to policy terms and conditions.

However, should the FCO advice change prior to departure date and subsequently advises against ALL travel then clearly the member cannot go and the policy would be triggered to indemnify the member for losses not covered by any other policies, to which have been usefully checked.

If during the trip the FCO advice changes and the member is compelled to return (evacuate) then the policy will operate. We may use CEGA to assist albeit as we have seen in Hubei province, it could be a government arranged operation.

If a member decides to cancel out of personal choice prior to the FCO deeming the destination unsafe to travel then the policy would not cover any losses in this circumstance.

We would advise that members speak to their travel operators/accommodators to understand their protocol currently also.