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Sussex Police Federation

20th Feb  - Read the latest update from your new Chair, Raffaele Cioffi   Chairs Update Q4 2024 (polfed.org)


Sussex Police Federation

Sussex Police Federation, a branch of the Police Federation of England & Wales, is the staff association representing the rank and file officers within Sussex Police.

Established by the Police Act 1919 its purpose is to represent officers, up to and including the rank of Chief Inspector, in all matters affecting their welfare and efficiency.

Run by serving police officers for serving police officers it is completely independent with no political affiliation or association with outside bodies. Barred from all forms of political and industrial action, the Federation represents, influences, and informs to improve the pay and working conditions of its members, to enhance the efficiency of Sussex Police, and thereby safeguard the community of Sussex.


What is our purpose?

Represent and support

Aim: To represent and promote the interests and welfare of our members, and to support colleagues to achieve the required professional standards.


Aim: To influence internal and external decision makers at local and national levels on matters affecting our members and the police service.


Aim: To maintain and improve the conditions of service and pay of our members.


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