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Police Mutual - Live Virtual Webinar Sessions 2021

20 January 2021


Police Mutual - Live Virtual Webinar Sessions 2021


Police Mutual have formalised a program of free 30 minute modules on a number of subjects for Quarter 1. These short modules are designed to help and educate people on each subject without being over complicated. Initially, these sessions are being advertised in January and February, and to automate the process Police Mutual are using Eventbrite for the booking process. 

The modules covered in the webinars are:

Effective Cash Management
Understanding Borrowing and
Mortgages for First Time
Re-mortgaging and Movers
Protection, Wills and Estate Planning
Wellbeing Services
Police Officer Pensions
Police Staff Pensions


If you are interested in booking onto one of these events, please click here. Here we have hyperlinked the booking form as well as a guide on the booking process. The sessions are live using Teams, but there is no need to have any software as the licensing is looked after from their end. All you need to do is book as per the attached instructions.