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Leicestershire Police Federation Secretary becomes Trustee of The Gurney Fund

23 June 2021


Leicestershire Police Federation Secretary becomes Trustee of The Gurney Fund


Jon Carter-Lang, Secretary of Leicestershire Police Federation, has become a Trustee of The Gurney Fund – a charity which has helped many family members of officers in the force.

The Gurney Fund supports the children of officers who have died or retired on ill health grounds. It pays them a weekly allowance, and additional funds may also be available for educational reasons such as school trips, musical tuition, school uniform and driving lessons. In non-COVID times

The Fund also runs summer activity and sailing holidays where the children can meet others in similar situations.

Jon said: “It's something that has always been well-publicised within Leicestershire and I’m aware of the good things it's done for the families of fallen officers within our force.

“Very sadly a colleague I worked with on my first station had his wife pass away. I remember how The Gurney Fund helped out his children and that has stayed with me.

“I’ve also seen PFEW National Chairman John Apter, who’s another of the Trustees, publicising the benefits of the summer and sailing holidays that The Gurney Fund puts on every year for the children. They are a really highlight.

“Overall, the charity is a really good cause that I wanted to be involved in. When they said they had a vacancy for a Trustee I thought I'd put myself forward straight away.”

Jon said it was important for the children of fallen and ill-health retired officers to have as many opportunities as possible, and that The Gurney Fund helped them fulfil their potential.

He said: “I like the way The Fund will contribute towards specific things, like if someone wants driving lessons or to help someone through university. Those key milestones in a child’s life. It’s just so kids can do normal stuff and not miss out. Plus the children still feel they’re part of the police family, they’ve still got that connection.”

Leicestershire Police officers can donate to The Gurney Fund through their payroll, Jon added, as part of a three-in-one payment to The Charities Fund, which also included the subscription to Flint House and a donation to Police Care UK.

He said: “While you may never benefit from it yourself, it’s knowing you’ll help out someone else who’s less fortunate. With Flint House you’re effectively paying for your future care, but with The Gurney Fund you’re helping the families of colleagues in the future.”