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Flint House announces official opening of brand new pool facilities

19 October 2020


Flint House announces official opening of brand new pool facilities


We are excited to announce that Flint House's brand new swimming and hydrotherapy pools are officially open.

“Today we are so proud to announce our 'Jewel In The Crown' at Flint House” says Communications Manager, Kevin Bishop.

“After months of hard work, highly sophisticated planning and superb craftsmanship, the new swimming and hydrotherapy pools are now officially open.

"This marks another highpoint in our delivery of gold standard treatment for sick and injured police officers. A brand new, and significantly larger, Hydrotherapy pool with resistance jets, a beautifully constructed and finished new swimming/exercise pool and totally new changing rooms all came together today.

“Coupled with the new Gymnasium opened last year by Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, our Rehabilitation facilities and level of treatment must stand as some of the best in the country.

“Everything we deliver at Flint House, whether it is Physical Rehabilitation, Mental Health Rehabilitation, Accommodation, Food, or simply the picturesque surroundings, is dedicated to those who protect and keep us safe.

“That frontline police officers can access Flint House, and let’s not forget that includes PCSO’s, MoD, NCA, BTP and DDO’s, all of whom are out there doing a difficult job and in currently a very difficult time for the UK, for the princely sum of just £1.70 per week donation has to be the most amazing value proposition when it comes to looking after the number one priority - your own health and wellbeing!”

More information can be found at our web site www.flinthouse.co.uk or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter that comes out on the first Friday of the month.