Leicestershire  Police Federation

‘We stand united to fight assaults on officers’

22 January 2019

Assaults on police officers and staff will not be tolerated, the chair of Leicestershire Police Federation has stressed.

Dave Stokes was speaking after two officers were assaulted over the weekend while attending a report of a domestic incident.

He explained: “I have spoken to these two officers, both of whom were released from hospital after treatment, and assured them that the Federation is there to support them after this incident. Both remain resilient and paraded for work on Monday. The suspect was arrested and the investigation continues. My message to offenders who are willing to assault police officers and staff is clear, I am confident that our chief officers, the Federation, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and the public stand united and will not tolerate officers being assaulted as they go about their duties protecting their communities.” 

Leicestershire Police Federation is an active supporter of the Federation’s nationwide Protect the Protectors campaign which calls for tougher sentences for those who assault police and other emergency service workers and seeks to ensure officers have the right protective tools and equipment.

On 13 November 2018, the  Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act came into effect doubling the maximum sentence for assaults to police officers and other emergency service workers from six to 12 months.