Leicestershire  Police Federation

Rest days – know your entitlements

31 January 2019

The latest instalment of the Federation’s Did You Know? campaign focuses on rest day entitlements.

Did You Know? is a national drive to make officers aware of their basic entitlements and the support available to them.

Launched in November, the campaign focused on annual leave in its first month and, based on suggestions from members, is now addressing rest days.

Leicestershire Police Federation chair Dave Stokes said: “The campaign looks at questions such as what over-time you are entitled to if you are working into a rest day, working extended hours on a rest day or if you have rest days cancelled.

“It all seems basic stuff but time and again we hear time that colleagues don’t know what they are entitled to.”

Now Dave is encouraging members to take part in the campaign with suggestions for areas to focus on during coming months.

“Please feed into the Federation what you want this campaign to talk about next because the rest day working idea came from members. Get involved with this campaign. Your rights matter.”

For more information visit the national Federation’s Did You Know? campaign page or check the FAQs on rest days.

Follow #KnowYourRights and #DidYouKnow on Twitter to join the discussion.