Leicestershire  Police Federation

Fit For Duty - New Scheme

1 May 2019

Fit For Duty: New Scheme from Leicestershire Police Federation supporting our hard working members return to good health

Secretary Matt Robinson says: “We are aware that in the course of duty our members are often injured by means of assault or being involved in circumstances beyond their control that result in injury.

“This can lead to protracted time on sick leave which is not good for the of...ficer in terms of stress and mental health.

“We are also aware of the strain this can put on colleagues who have to fill the gap of the officer on sick leave.

“Private Medical Insurance is often not cheap and to some is a luxury they cannot afford. National Health treatment is available but waiting lists are long and this can result in waiting weeks, away from work, waiting for an appointment.

“We have teamed up with Craig Mortimer and Ashleigh Clinic Stoneygate Road, a provider of excellent assessment and treatment options for injury.

“Craig and the team can deliver top quality assessments and treatment that is proven to assist in the recovery and return people to back fitness.

“This new scheme that we have launched - Fit For Duty - is available to subscribing Federation members only.

“It will assist officers who are injured on duty and require some quick time physio assessment but have no option other than National Health or to pay privately. The injury must be recorded as such within Force systems.

“Once accepted onto the scheme via contact with the Federation office you will be authorised (via letter) to contact Ashleigh Clinic and book an assessment.

“We will look to fund the assessment and the first 6 sessions of treatment. Further funding may be available on a case by case basis.
We have carried out a small pilot and this has been very successful.

“Craig presented at our recent Branch meeting and said: ‘This system works and I don’t know why more companies don’t invest in similar. People can often sit at home waiting for appointments which means they are out of the work place. They can become depressed and stressed. Also our National Health physio provision is underfunded and does not have the access to the equipment I have here at Ashleigh Clinic. It’s great to be invited to work with the Police Federation as our police officers need to perform at their best. I hope we can contribute to that with this scheme”’

Any Police Federation members who think this scheme is applicable to them should contact Leicestershire Police Federation HQ in the first instance