Leicestershire  Police Federation

Federation celebrates centenary

15 January 2019

Leicestershire chair Dave Stokes says the Police Federation can be proud of its achievements as it celebrates its 100th birthday.

The Police Federation of England and Wales has worked to support and represent the interests of rank and file officers since it was established in 1919.

During the centenary year, the Federation will focus on the work of serving representatives and the contributions of retired reps and how they have helped their colleagues.

And Dave says there is so much to celebrate.

“Reaching our 100th birthday is a huge milestone,” he said. “We have helped countless officers during that period and we continue to help our members on a daily basis. We should be extremely proud of the work our reps undertake o make the lives of our members that little bit easier, and in some cases they have saved lives."

Dave added: “Just like any other organisation or group of individuals, we don’t always get it right but as long as we learn from that and we move forward we’ll be a stronger and better body making sure we put our members at the heart of everything we do.”

National Federation chair John Apter has also praised the work undertaken in the Federation’s name across England and Wales.

John said: “Over the coming 12 months we are going to be focusing on the work of our local reps and talking to colleagues who have been supported by them and also by Federation reps both serving and retired who’ll talk about their stories about how they have helped their colleagues.

“I became a Fed rep because I was treated really badly by my force. I wanted to make sure that others didn’t suffer the same as I did.”

He added: “We’ve got some brilliant people doing some brilliant stuff and that’s been happening for 100 years. And who knows where we will be in the next 100 years?”

John concluded: “I accept we don't always get it right and have had our difficulties, but we shouldn't ignore the organisation’s achievements - whether that be lobbying for better equipment, changing legislation to effect stronger sentences when it comes to police assaults or campaigning for better protection for emergency response drivers - we do make a difference.

“This year is about recognising how far we have come - learning from the difficulties we have had and moving forward, and more important than anything keeping our members at the heart of everything we do.”