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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Pregnancy & Maternity Guidance

Women Police Officers do not have exactly the same terms and conditions at work as women employees. 

Police officers are not “employees”; they are “officers of the Crown” and work under the terms set out in Police Regulations and Determinations 2003 (as amended). The provisions which
govern pregnancy and maternity in Police Regulations are different from the statutory provisions provided by the government (State benefits) and from those provided to Police Staff.
To ensure that you get the right information about your entitlements, the Police Federation of England and Wales has produced this booklet about what to expect during your pregnancy, your maternity leave and on your return to work.

There are also a range of entitlements available to your partner at this time. If your partner is also serving police officer, he or she does not have exactly the same rights at work as other employees. This booklet provides general information for women police officers about rights as a working woman police officer;


For updated maternity information, please visit the Maternity section on the national website.