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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Flint House Police Rehabilitation


Flint House is a charity, entirely funded by donations from those in the police service and their families. It is with these generous donations that we help and heal over 2,200 serving and retired police officers each year, providing physical rehabilitation and mental health support.


Every year, our team of highly skilled physiotherapists, nurses and healthcare professionals assist over 3000 injured police officers to get back to full operational health.


Through an ever increasing range of specialist intensive treatments and care services, the focus of everyone working at Flint House is on assisting officers back to duty quickly, effectively and with long lasting results.


It is our aim to get our patients in the best possible shape, by providing world class treatment based around intensive physiotherapy, exercise classes and a gym programme all tailored to their individual needs. They will be given an initial clinical assessment, followed by an agreed treatment plan that typically includes physiotherapy, rehabilitation exercise classes, education and a gym programme. We also offer additional treatments, such as hydrotherapy and one-to-one rehab sessions. And we know not everyone can attend for a 2-week residential programme. So we offer shorter stays, outpatient services and virtual programmes, all based around individual needs.



Every year we successfully treat over 3,000 police officers. 

We realise the job of a police officer can be physically and mentally demanding. How do you ensure you are both physically fit and strong enough to cope with it? 

Flint House can help. Our team of highly skilled Physiotherapists, Mental Health Practitioners and Registered Nurses, make it their mission to enable serving officers to get back to full duties. We also offer retired police officers help with physical rehabilitation.



We offer world class physio treatment here at Flint House. The focus of our highly skilled team? To always maximise the outcome of your vastly improved health and fitness.



From the second you step foot on site you will recognise that we strive for excellence in every area of rehabilitation. Our facilities rehabilitate; and respond to the challenges you face.

Flint House offers a safe, relaxed environment and everyone is treated with care and respect (no ranks, no hierarchy) by our caring and experienced practitioners. Whether a new recruit or an experienced veteran, there’s a good chance you’ll need our services at some point.



We offer a caring, safe and compassionate environment in which to learn about common mental health conditions including stress, anxiety and depression. We recognise that police officers hear and see things that others can turn away from and that this continued exposure can increase the risk of a mental health decline. Often police officers prioritise the needs of others and do not always have the time and space to look after their own needs. The earlier you can seek help, the better. Our 5-day residential programme is facilitated by experienced mental health practitioners and registered nurses who have a sound understanding of the roles and challenges of the policing family.

This virtual programme is aimed at police officers who have failed a Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT) or Alternate Fitness Test (AFT) within the last 6 months. Following an individual assessment with a rehabilitation therapist, we create a bespoke programme aimed specifically to help police officers pass their next test in 8-12 weeks. The programme is virtual and our objective is to help them learn lifestyle management skills, so they can achieve their goals. This is not for injured officers, and purely fitness driven.



Physiotherapy is expensive in the private sector and there are long waiting times within the NHS, so what we offer is incredible value for money, geared to the precise needs of a retired police officer. Whether it’s for a new injury, post-operative rehabilitation, physiotherapy for cancer, or long-standing back or knee pain – we are here to help recovery. Our mental health support programme is specifically aimed at retired members of the service and includes exclusive sessions to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

For £5 a month via Direct Debit retired officers can apply for either physical rehabilitation or mental health support.


As soon as serving or retired police officers sign-up and their first payment has been processed they can apply for physical rehabilitation or mental health support. Please note we are only able to provide one of these services during their visit, we cannot treat both physical and mental health during the same visit.

Remember: patients can attend Flint House multiple times provided there is a clinical need, but they will need to apply separately for each visit and will be clinically assessed for each course of treatment.


A link to Flint House Police Rehabilitation and relevant application forms can be found here;




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