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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Equality & Diversity

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (as amended), Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended) and Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended) apply to the police service. Police officers are also protected under the provisions covering discrimination on age, religion or belief, part-time working or sexual orientation grounds.

It is beyond the scope of this booklet to outline the implications of this legislation. A leaflet published by the Police Federation on this subject is available from your JBB office.

A member who considers that he/she may have been discriminated against on any of these grounds should contact the JBB office. Your Equality Liaison Officer (ELO) will be able to support and advise you.

The Employment Tribunals are operating new procedures for dispute resolution from 6 April 2009. However, the new dispute resolution procedures do not apply to applications from police members. Form ET1 asks for confirmation that the complainant has raised the grievance in writing with the chief officer at least 28 days before lodging the complaint, unless the complainant explains the reasons for not having done so within the Tribunal application. Legal advice confirms that the fact that these provisions do not apply to police officers should be made in answer to the question to avoid misunderstandings and delays. Please see JBB Circular no. 42/2004.

A complaint to an ET must be made within three months less one day of the act complained of. In cases where resolution appears to be possible but more time may be needed, the member should consider applying for a short stay to the Employment Tribunal.

Discrimination claims to an ET must be made on Form ET1, which can be obtained from any Jobcentre Plus, Law Centre, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, or on line at www.direct.gov.uk and www.employmenttribunals.gov.uk.