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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Message from the Chair

30 October 2021

At a meeting with the Chief Constable a couple of weeks ago, we raised at length the concerns we have as a Federation about what we perceive to be failings in the current operating model, and the impact that this is having on our officers. Whilst we recognise there is pressure everywhere, this was, for now, focussed primarily on concerns raised about the LPTs.


The first strategic element of that is now in place as it was agreed at CCPB (Chief Constables Performance Board) that there will now be a Gold Operational Effectiveness Board directing that work, led by the DCC. Under that will sit Silvers responsible for the CMIS/CDI critical incident, Deployable Officers, FCR and Operational Flex. The idea is that these Silver groups will tackle the issues that are behind our clear and obvious mismatch between resource and demand. For instance the Deployable Officers Silver is reviewing all restricted and retained officers with a view to returning as many officers as possible back to operational duties. 


Whilst this might sound like management tinkering, without this governance in place, there is nothing to drive the improvement we need to see, or anything to hold those responsible accountable. So it’s a first step. Alongside this the Chief has commissioned an efficiency review incorporating a review of the operating model. It’s an open secret too that the HMIC PEEL report to be published next week will be critical of the operating model. 


It may be a while before you see significant tangible effects from this, but already Cotswold & Stroud SMT are looking to adjust LPT duties to free up more time for officers to deal with their crime workload and we should see more of this soon across the LPA areas. 


This then is to both keep you updated on what is happening and to thank you for helping us to get this message across to the Chief so clearly. We will continue to push him and other senior officers on this issue as there is a long way to go yet.


July 2024