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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Flint House Rehabilitation Centre

Flint House

Every year, our team of highly skilled physiotherapists, nurses and healthcare professionals assist over 3000 injured police officers to get back to full operational health.


Through an ever increasing range of specialist intensive treatments and care services, the focus of everyone working at Flint House is on assisting officers back to duty quickly, effectively and with long lasting results.



Every year we successfully treat over 3,000 police officers. 

We realise the job of a police officer can be physically and mentally demanding. How do you ensure you are both physically fit and strong enough to cope with it? 

Flint House can help. Our team of highly skilled Physiotherapists, Mental Health Practitioners and Registered Nurses, make it their mission to enable serving officers to get back to full duties. We also offer retired police officers help with physical rehabilitation.



We offer world class physio treatment here at Flint House. The focus of our highly skilled team? To always maximise the outcome of your vastly improved health and fitness.



From the second you step foot on site you will recognise that we strive for excellence in every area of rehabilitation. Our facilities rehabilitate; and respond to the challenges you face. 



It is okay ‘not to be okay’. Our Mental Health programme offers the opportunity for patients to address their individual needs in a safe environment.



A link to the Flint House Rehabilitation Centre and relevant application forms can be found here;