Derbyshire Police Federation

Wellbeing focus for Federation reps

25 April 2023

A CPD session on wellbeing is being held for Derbyshire Police Federation reps later this year.

Branch chair Tony Wetton is encouraging reps to take part in the session for the benefit of themselves and Federation members.

He said: “Policing is a unique job and we often experience difficult situations, which is why it’s vital that we look after our mental health and wellbeing – and that of our colleagues too.  I’m grateful to national reps Belinda Goodwin and Sue Honeywill for their work in highlighting the impact that Federation work can have on our reps, and in promoting their wellbeing.

“It’s not just work that can affect our emotional and mental wellbeing, we’ve all got issues in our private lives that can have an effect too.

“This session will shine a light on wellbeing and how reps can support themselves and provide support for Federation members as well.”

It’s being organised by the national Federation’s wellbeing leads Sue and Belinda.

Sue said: “The wellbeing of our officers and Federation representatives is absolutely paramount. That is why the national wellbeing leads along with the learning and development department are holding professional development events throughout 2023 for our reps.

“There have already been some deep emotions shared by our reps within these sessions, with morale and wellbeing of officers at an all-time low.

“This has really highlighted the need for us to do more to continue to support our reps, enabling them to continue to support our members.”

Belinda said: “It is a big ask for officers to undertake a Federation role up and above their day job, so we must make sure we are looking after our reps.

“As wellbeing leads, we act as a conduit between all forces and key stakeholders, so these events are a great opportunity to share the work we are currently engaging in.”

The session for Derbyshire Police Federation reps will be held on 14 June and concentrates on putting officers first. It will involve group exercises and debriefs to understand best practice.

Sessions have already been held in Wales, Manchester and Merseyside. They highlighted initiatives and projects including the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework, traumatic event checklist, suicide postvention tool kit, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), Operation Hampshire, and our Caring for the Carers initiative

Feedback so far has been positive and highlighted the need for the Federation, reps and members to keep talking about wellbeing.

More details about the CPD session will be circulated nearer the date.




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