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Webinars planned to help men open up about up about their wellbeing

15 November 2023

Derbyshire Police Federation members are being encouraged to sign up to men’s health forums and help empower men to open up about their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is holding its first men’s health webinar this week which aims to change attitudes and behaviours.

It takes place on Teams on 16 November between 10am and 12.30pm and registration is open now.

Derbyshire Police also have a Men’s Health Forum support network, which meets in person and online every two months.

The forum is a chance to talk about physical and mental health issues that have been chosen by officers.



Detective Chief Inspector Adam Wilkins, a Federation member, is the organiser of the Derbyshire forum and he said everyone can play their part in supporting men’s health.

“From the stats we’ve got, men are less likely to go and get themselves checked out by the doctor, they’re less likely to talk about the way they’re feeling and more likely to die by suicide,” he said.

“The data clearly shows that men do respond very differently and are less willing to talk about how they feel physically and mentally.

“The seminar and the forums we run in Force are for everyone to attend, men and women – although the focus is on supporting men and we will run sessions exclusively for men as part of the forum.

“For instance, some of the sessions we’ve run in Force have talked about physical health and checks around testicular cancer.

“Women have attended it and gone home and asked their partner to get checked, so everyone can play their part.” 

The PFEW event on 16 November will be opened by the Federation’s Welsh co-lead Zac Mader.

Speakers will include the police service’s chief medical officer John Harrison, who will discuss how his role can influence attitudes towards men’s health.

PFEW national board member Belinda Goodwin will talk about changing attitudes and about how language and behaviour have a massive part to play in it - and also the role our female colleagues have in men feeling empowered to open up.

Chief Inspector Stewart Codling, of Thames Valley Police, will focus on mental health and promoting a safe space where men can open up.

Nick Conn, chief executive of Help4Addiction, will talk about his experience of being a serving police officer with an addiction and his journey.

And the webinar will also hear from Oswin Croft, from the charity Movember, who will discuss why men's health is important all year round.

Members will be able to ask questions during the sessions, and the Q&As will be hosted Mark Jones, North Wales Police Federation secretary, and Matt Slade, Essex Police Federation equality lead.

Click here to register.

Derbyshire Police Federation members can find out about the bi-monthly forums and sign up to them on the Force intranet.

The sessions are driven by those taking part, with officers asked to pick the issues to be discussed.

“We put polls on Teams sessions to ask people what they want to focus on,” Adam said.

“We’ve had sessions around how you feel at work, testicular cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer. We’ve looked at relationships and breakdowns of relationships.

“We are planning to run a session focused on winter, the impact of dark nights and things to think about when your mood lowers."

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