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Police charity launches Christmas appeal

13 December 2023

A charity dedicated to helping members of the policing community who have been harmed as a result of their policing role has launched a Christmas appeal to raise funds for its life-changing work.

Police Care UK, which extends its support to the harmed person’s family members too, has awarded more than £10 million in grants to individuals and policing organisations.

In launching the appeal, Police Care has given an indication of how funds are used:

  • £10 would buy a year’s access to the wellbeing app to support those who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression
  • £50 would enable the charity provide a clinical assessment to a police officer or their partner
  • £100 will pay for one session of trauma focussed therapy to a serving or retired police officer
  • £1,000 will help retrain a veteran and give them new skills after leaving the job because of ill-health, and
  • £3,000 could help the child of a serving or deceased police employee towards their first higher education achievement. 

Visit Christmas - Police Care UK to donate if possible.


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