Derbyshire Police Federation

Police Bravery Award nominee receives good luck message

6 July 2023

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton has sent a good luck message to national Police Bravery Award nominee Laura Nicholson ahead of next week’s ceremony.

Laura was put forward for the prestigious award after tackling a man who was choking a fellow PC  during a vicious assault. 

She and a male colleague were called to reports of a domestic incident and were confronted by a man and his son, who were immediately aggressive to them.

The male officer was hit over the head by the son and then grabbed in a headlock by the father, who was trying to strangle him. 

Laura, who joined the Force in 2018, used her incapacitant spray to repel the son before activating her emergency button to call for help and trying to detain the father by hitting him with her baton.

Derbyshire's Police Bravery Award nominee Laura Nicholson

Tony said Laura’s courage and quick-thinking actions had prevented a more serious outcome.

“Our police officers are incredibly brave women and men who often put themselves in personal danger to protect others, in this case a colleague,” he said.

“We wish Laura the best of luck in the forthcoming Police Bravery Awards and hope she has a great time down in London.

“Her actions that night are fully deserving of recognition and we are all extremely proud of her.”

The Police Bravery Awards presentation ceremony takes place in London on Thursday 13 July.


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