Derbyshire Police Federation

Planning maternity leave? Read our guide

21 February 2023

Officers planning to take maternity leave are being advised to check a new maternity guide and pay calculator produced by the Police Federation of England and Wales.

The Federation is keen to ensure members get accurate information about pay and their entitlements.

Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation, explained: “Police officers are eligible for both Police Maternity Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay but they are only entitled to police maternity leave and not statutory maternity leave.

“If an officer takes maternity leave early, it can become very complicated and we want to ensure that members know exactly what they are entitled to.  The Federation calculator will help officers find out exactly what they are entitled to in all circumstances, including if they suffer from a pregnancy-related illness or if they have their baby early.

“All they have to do is enter key pieces of information on dates to find out accurate pay details and there is also an option to put in different dates for different scenarios, such as longer leave for a premature birth or illness in the run up to the baby’s arrival.”

The maternity guide highlights what to expect during pregnancy, while on maternity leave and when returning to work. There are also a range of entitlements available to partners.

Read the guide and use the maternity calculator.



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