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Officers urged to look at planned updates to Code of Ethics

24 April 2023

The College of Policing is inviting members of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) to have their say on its updated Code of Ethics.

The code sets out how the police works together and with the public, to keep people safe.

It also provides a framework to guide the actions and decisions of police officers, Special Constables, staff and volunteers.

The code has been revised to reflect the challenges of modern-day policing and to better support informed and ethical decisions.

Now the College of Policing is asking PFEW members to give their view as part of a consultation on the update.

The proposed new code of ethics:

  • Clarifies the expectations of candour for people working in policing
  • Includes a focus on individual and organisational reflection and learning
  • Clarifies what should happen when behaviour does not meet expectations
  • Provides direction to chief officers (through the Code of Practice) on how they can promote and support a professional culture in their forces
  • Applies to everyone working in policing including staff and volunteers

The changes follow a public consultation held between July and September 2021 to get feedback on what should be included.

Take a look at the proposed Code of Ethics on the College of Policing website and contribute to the consultation by completing the online questionnaire by 28 April.



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