Derbyshire Police Federation

No Smoking Day: free guide available

7 March 2023

Derbyshire officers are being encouraged to quit smoking for the good of their health and their pocket. 

A new wellbeing guide has been published for No Smoking Day tomorrow (8 March) to help Derbyshire Police Federation members give up cigarettes – but it’s available all year round.

Published by Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, the online resource aims to support and encourage members to pack up smoking.

It includes tips on stopping and highlights the health benefits of giving up as well as the financial benefits.

Derbyshire Police Federation branch chair Tony Wetton said: “Giving up smoking can be hard but it can be done, and today’s No Smoking Day is as good a time as any to start.”

He continued: “The Police Mutual guide offers helpful and practical advice to help give up and highlights the benefits to your health and to your finances as well.

“The health benefits start within hours of your last cigarette and continue for days and weeks as breathing becomes easier, circulation improves and lung function increases.

“And there are financial incentives to giving up too. It’s estimated the average smoker can save around £2,000 a year by not smoking.

“It’s never too late to quit.”

Download the No Smoking Day guide now.


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