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Moves to outlaw zombie knives and machetes welcomed by Fed chair

31 August 2023

Derbyshire Police Federation has welcomed moves to outlaw zombie knives and machetes, give police more powers to seize and destroy them and increase sentences for anyone caught carrying them.

The Home Office said new legislation will see more knives with no practical use taken off the streets.

The maximum sentence for the importation, manufacturing, possession and sale of such weapons will be two years and a new offence of possessing bladed articles “with the intention to endanger life or cause fear of violence” will be introduced.

The Government said the measures will become law “when Parliament allows” following a public consultation.


Zombie knives and machetes will be taken off the streets.


Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton said: “We welcome any measures that reduce the number of these deadly weapons in circulation.

“The impact of knife crime on our communities cannot be overestimated and there is absolutely no place for these dangerous blades in society.

“Anyone convicted of carrying a zombie knife or a machete should receive the maximum sentence available to the courts.”

The possession of zombie knives - defined as a blade with a cutting edge, a serrated edge and images or words suggesting it is used for violence - is already illegal.

Under the new measures, the definition will include any bladed weapon more than eight inches long with a plain-cutting edge and sharp pointed end that also has either a serrated cutting edge, more than one hole in the blade or multiple sharp points like spikes.

Policing minister Chris Philp said the newly-prohibited weapons “serve no other purpose but to inflate criminal egos and endanger lives” and there is “no reason” to own them.

He said: “That is why we are banning these knives and making sentencing more severe, so our communities can be reassured that this violent criminality will face the punishments they deserve, and lives will be saved.”

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