Derbyshire Police Federation

Keep your children safe online

7 February 2023

Safer Internet Day takes place today  (7 February) and aims to promote safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

To coincide with the day, Police Mutual has produced a free factsheet to offer advice on looking after children online. It includes tips on how to protect your child on social media, in forums and group chats and how to deal with online bullying.

Download the Safer Internet Day factsheet.

Children’s Mental Health Week is the theme for a further Police Mutual factsheet.

Taking place from 6 to 12 February, this year’s theme is Let’s Connect. The week is about making connections in a healthy, rewarding and meaningful way.

The guide includes information on the types of mental health issues that can affect children and young people such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

It offers advice to help children and young people to stay mentally well such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and feeling loved, trusted, understood, valued and safe.

There are tips on how to support your child and signposts to help.

Download the Children’s Mental health Week factsheet.


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