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Donate and support cops in Ukrainian warzone

6 September 2023

Derbyshire Police Federation members are being encouraged to support cops in Ukraine by donating money to help buy the likes of much-needed medical equipment and protective clothing. 

Former Derbyshire Police Federation member Rob Stordy helped launch Cops For Ukraine, a fundraising page on a mission to support police officers who are living and serving in Ukraine’s warzone.

The charity has a target of £25,000, money which will pay for protective equipment and clothing, warm winter clothing and life-saving first aid kits.

“For our colleagues in Ukraine, serving on the front line now has a completely new meaning,” said 32-year-old Rob, who was a Derbyshire police officer up until 2022, before moving to Cheshire Constabulary.


Derbyshire police officer Nathan Todd, is among those supporting the cause.


“The impact of the war has meant that police officers have had to quickly change their daily duties. They are no longer just serving the public, they are serving their country - fighting on behalf of Ukraine.

“As an officer, there’s definitely a sense of being a police family - and that includes our peers in other countries. We are all police officers at the end of the day.”

The idea to launch the charity came after Rob helped drive aid for people in Ukraine, over to Poland.

He quickly discovered that there was a need to support police officers and to ensure the ‘right type’ of aid was getting to them.

“Hearing about what fellow officers were going through was eye-opening. For many, they have become part of the army, witnessing missiles on a daily basis. And it’s not just seeing a missile attack, it’s the aftermath that also is having a massive impact,” Rob continued.

“We found it’s easier to ask for donations because then we can buy the equipment and clothing that’s needed. And to be honest, anything we give is so well received. It’s a real morale boost for cops over there.”

The money raised will help pay for essential aid, as well as transporting it over to Poland.

Derbyshire police officer Nathan Todd, is among those supporting the cause, having raised around £5,000 by taking part in a number of fundraising challenges.

“You can’t help but put yourself in their shoes,” said the 23-year-old, who has so far completed the Three Peaks Challenge, a half-marathon and a 10km run for the charity.

“Their lives have been completely turned upside down. Their world has been flipped on its side. Any money I can help raise, will be going to an extremely good cause and hopefully helping our Ukrainian colleagues get their hands on the equipment and clothing they need.”

The former equality and diversity lead for Derbyshire Police Force, Ruth Moore, shares Rob and Nathan’s passion for supporting cops in Ukraine, and has helped to transport urgent aid on several occasions.

“We have helped transport the likes of operating theatres, wheelchairs, food and medical equipment to the Sumy region - which is about four hours east of Kyiv - specifically for cops in Ukraine,” explained Ruth, who self-funded the trip and is planning on heading out again later this month.

“It is heartbreaking to hear what cops, children and members of the community are going through in Ukraine. You see it on TV, but nothing compares to when you get close.

“They might be police officers but just like our cops over here, they are all human and they need our support.”

You can donate to ‘Cops For Ukraine’ by visiting the JustGiving page.

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