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Are you paying too much tax due to a tax code error?

3 July 2023

Derbyshire Police Federation members are again being urged to check they are paying the correct amount of tax, and claiming tax relief on their Federation subscriptions.

They can either do this themselves using information available on the Derbyshire Police Federation website  or enlist the services of a specialist like The Tax Refund Company which already works with other Federation branches across England and Wales.

The Tax Refund Company says that in around half of the cases where it has carried out checks officers are found to have been underpaid due to His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) giving forces the wrong tax codes.

“The last time Derbyshire Federation members had the opportunity to have their tax checked by our experts, 53 per cent of those who completed our review discovered HMRC had given the Force incorrect tax codes causing them to be underpaid,” says David Malik-Davies from The Tax Refund Company.

“When officers work with us, not only are they fully guaranteed to get back everything HMRC owes them, we’ll even pay their tax bill if they get an unexpected tax demand.”

Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation, said: “We know how difficult things are in this cost of living crisis which has come on the back of years of police pay falling behind inflation.  

“Subscribing Federation members should be claiming the tax back on their subscriptions and all officers should be taking advantage of the £140 per year flat rate allowance.  You can do this yourself by informing your tax office – guidance is on our website. 

“Or if you’d prefer you can use the services of a professional tax expert.  Either way, you could be entitled to a refund and once it’s done those savings will continue year after year.”

If you wish to use The Tax Refund Company, please note:

  • Your professional tax review is free if you do not get a tax refund
  • For every £1 paid back by HMRC, you keep 62p (minimum fee £38*) 
  • You will keep all future savings 
  • Peace of mind guaranteed – in the rare event you get an unexpected tax bill as a direct result of using this service, it will be paid for you.**

Find out more about claiming tax relief on your subs.

Find out more about using The Tax Refund Company if you don’t want to do the checks yourself.

*If your refund is less than £38, the minimum fee will be reduced to the same value as your refund so you have nothing more to pay.

**Ts and Cs apply.


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