Derbyshire Police Federation

Thinking of moving home?

20 June 2022

To buy or to rent? If you are thinking about moving home, then a free downloadable guide might help make those tricky decisions a lot easier. 

Full of useful information, this month’s Let’s Talk Money factsheet, which has been created by Police Mutual, outlines the benefits of both buying and renting a home, including some of the costs involved.

As well as prompting readers to think about how much they can afford to spend on a mortgage, the leaflet also discusses the different types of mortgages available.

If you are exploring the idea of renting, the guide also highlights some of the additional factors that should be considered, including budget.

And thanks to the handy budgeting tool included in the guide, it has never been easier to see how much you can afford each month.

Police Mutual is a national organisation that provides wellbeing and financial support to the police family and their loved ones.

Download the guide here.


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