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Men and women urged to attend menopause awareness sessions

18 October 2022

A series of sessions raising awareness about the menopause have been organised by the Scottish Women’s Development Forum - and are open to all to attend.

The forum says around 30 per cent of officers and 60 per cent of staff members will go through the menopause, so these sessions will help to prepare people to engage, understand and empathise with their colleagues and family members, enabling them to offer support to others.

Men in Menopause

This session is specifically for all male managers, supervisors, colleagues, husband, brothers and sons, who will encounter menopausal women in their work and home life.

Thursday 10 November  - 10am - 11am  

Friday 9 December  - 10am - 11am  

Friday 13 January  - 10am - 11am  

Friday 10 February – 10am - 11am

Friday 10 March - 10am - 11am. 

Dare To Talk About the Menopause

These sessions are perfectly suited for colleagues and managers looking to have a better understanding of the menopause transition and how to help colleagues through this.

This session will also benefit colleagues who are directly affected by the menopause, either because they are going through it right now, or they are starting to have symptoms and want to better understand what is happening to them, or simply because they have no knowledge of the menopause.

Friday 11 November   - 10am - 11am

Thursday 8 December  - 10am - 11am

Thursday 12 January   - 10am - 11am

Thursday 9 February   - 10am - 11am

Thursday 9 March   - 10am - 11am.

If you would like to attend one of the sessions, please email to reserve your space. All sessions will be delivered via MS Teams with Karen Morgan, coordinator of the Scottish Women’s Development Forum facilitating.



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