Derbyshire Police Federation

Free webinar puts focus on financial resilience

31 August 2022

Financial resilience is the ability to withstand life shock events that impact your income. It has never been more important to be financially prepared as the ongoing impact of the rising cost of living crisis continues to affect everyone’s finances.

Mark Wright, Police Mutual’s financial wellbeing consultant, will share hints and tips to help people feel confident about making good financial choices, including some specific to the police family, in a free webinar, available at a time to suit you.

The webinar is split into sections and covers:

  • Understanding financial resilience
  • Income, expenditure and budgeting
  • Your credit profile
  • Bank accounts and savings
  • Debt management and support.

You can view the webinar at any time, just complete the personal details section and then select the “submit” button

The webinar page also has a useful links section to guide people to some of the resources and tools discussed.


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