Derbyshire Police Federation

Factsheet published as part of Dementia Action Week

16 May 2022

A new factsheet on dementia is available providing Derbyshire Police Federation members with key facts and information.

The free guide has been produced by Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, for Dementia Action Week.

Dementia Action Week, which starts today (16 May), is a campaign run by the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness and encourage people to act on dementia. This year’s theme is diagnosis.

The Police Mutual factsheet includes information on signs and symptoms of dementia, caring for someone with dementia and next steps after a dementia diagnosis. 

The guide also includes signposts to support and sources of information about dementia. 

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton said: “Many people can find themselves feeling helpless and alone when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia. 

“It can be an uncertain time for everyone involved. This new guide aims to raise awareness about dementia, and to answer the questions that people might have about how to deal with a diagnosis and the next steps.” 

Download the guide now.


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