Derbyshire Police Federation

Dying matters: free guide available

5 May 2022

A new resource that aims to open up conversations about death, dying and grief is now available for Derbyshire Police Federation members.

Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, has produced the free factsheet for Dying Matters Week.

The guide includes information on things to do before you die, such as making a will, planning your funeral and deciding who will care for dependants.

It gives guidance on how to look after yourself following a bereavement, what to say to someone who is grieving, and how to help children cope with death. It also signposts people to services where they can access support.

Derbyshire Police Federation branch chair Tony Wetton said: “Talking about death and dying can be difficult. Dying Matters Week is a chance to remove some of the stigma and help people to talk about dying and planning for the end of life, and this new free factsheet aims to help with that.” 

Download the free Dying Matters Week factsheet.

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