Derbyshire Police Federation

Days in lieu: reminder to inspecting ranks

17 October 2022

Derbyshire Police’s inspecting ranks are being reminded of “significant” changes to the regulations covering rest days and public holidays in lieu.

The Police Federation is highlighting the adjustments to Annex H of the Police Regulations affecting inspectors and chief inspectors.

The changes were introduced two years ago and set out that:

  • Inspectors and chief inspectors who are required to work on a rest day or public holiday are entitled to a day in lieu on each occasion to be taken in the following 12 months.
  • With effect from 28 April 2020, in exceptional circumstances due to exigencies of duty or work demands, rest days and public holidays in lieu can be taken over a further 12-month period.

Kirsty Bunn, Derbyshire Police Federation secretary, said: “This is a significant change for inspecting ranks and, while it was made two years ago, there may still be inspectors and chief inspectors who are unaware of it.

“It replaces the previous regulation that inspecting ranks had to request from the Chief Constable that their entitlement to leave in lieu be extended for a further 12 months.

“We hope that we can make as many of our colleagues in inspecting ranks aware of the changes so that they don’t miss out on their entitlement and get the rest days they need and deserve.”

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