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Children’s Mental Health Week: Download your free guide

7 February 2022

Are you worried about your child’s mental health or wellbeing? A free downloadable guide has been created for members to help support them this Children’s Mental Health Week.

The annual awareness-raising week, which this year is running from today until Sunday (13 February) aims to highlight the importance of children’s and young people’s mental health.

To coincide with the campaign, Police Mutual has produced the free guide to support members with their child’s mental health.

Bursting with helpful information, the factsheet includes an overview of some of the mental health problems that can affect children, while offering advice on how to improve wellbeing in younger generations.

Additionally, the leaflet includes a number of tips on how to help mental health in children and young people, for example supporting them, being honest with one another, and spending time talking about the things in life we are grateful for.

There is also a handful of useful links available for members, should they need extra help.

Police Mutual provides ongoing support for the police family, through a variety of financial and wellbeing services.

Download the guide.



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