Derbyshire Police Federation

Check your Airwave radios

30 July 2022

Derbyshire Police Federation’s health and safety lead is urging officers to check their Airwave radios and the device batteries at the start and end of their shift.

They are advised to look for wear and tear, parts missing, cracks, signs of impact, dirt and damage or dirt around the power contacts on both the battery and radio itself as this might impact the electrical power transfer and cause the device to fail.

Steve Reid explains: “Earlier this month an officer in Northamptonshire pressed his radio emergency button when he was attacked but it failed and only the officer’s bravery and quick-thinking prevented them being more seriously injured or even killed.

“At an Airwave Police User Group during the last week, it was revealed that the initial findings of an investigation into this incident highlighted a need to ensure battery contact points are properly maintained and this is particularly important for the older radios.

“These kind of checks do not take long and officers need to get into the habit of making sure they examine their devices and the batteries when they start their shift and again when they finish. Doing so could really make a difference if officers find themselves in an emergency situation.”


March 2023