Derbyshire Police Federation

‘Together we can make things better’

17 October 2019

Federation members should work together to help make things better for officers, says newly-elected Derbyshire Police Federation workplace representative Helen Gallear.

With 17 years’ service under her belt, Helen is currently enjoying working on the Ilkeston Safer Neighbourhood Team and has been a Federation member from Day 1 of her service.

“I have never doubted being a member and strongly believe that we need the protection and security of the Federation,” Helen explains.

“I have asked for help from the Federation in the past and  have always been delighted with how approachable and knowledgeable the reps have been.”

When the vacancies on Derbyshire Branch Council were advertised earlier this year, Helen decided to put herself forward out of a desire to know more but also to understand more and then be able to pass on her knowledge to other members who might need help.

“Through training and developing my knowledge, I will be in the best place to help and advise anyone with any issues. 

“I believe we all need the protection and security of an organisation like the Federation and I hope to ensure I pass on the benefits to all my work colleagues. The Federation works for our behalf and benefit and there is no use moaning about needing changes and then not being in any position to make those changes. Together we can make things better!”

Helen’s particular interests, Federation wise, are work-life balance, mental health, the menopause and health and safety but she believes resolving the issues around the changes to the police pension is the biggest issue ahead for the organisation while staffing levels is a key challenge for the Force.

“Single-crewing is an issue and I believe this is a practice that needs to change,” she says.

Helen joined the police when she returned to England after a period travelling abroad but had wanted to be an officer from her school days.

She says she has been lucky to have worked on some amazing jobs. Having trained as a family liaison officer, Helen worked alongside the major crime unit on some high profile cases and also served in the sexual offences unit for more than nine years supporting victims of rape and serious sexual abuse.




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