Derbyshire Police Federation

‘Subscribe to the PTC – it is amazing’

5 July 2019

An officer who has recently returned from a stay at the Police Treatment Centres (PTC) has urged all officers to consider subscribing to the facility if they don’t already.

Having suffered a knee injury, the officer needed post-operative physiotherapy and was full of praise for the treatment he received and the staff team.

“The rehab is in a controlled environment and knowing you have access to physio and doctors and nurses should they be required while you are there is great as it gives you more confidence to do more to help speed up your recovery,” he explained.

“Having read the information about the centre before I attended, I had a small amount of knowledge of what they offered but, on attending and finding out more, it is amazing what they do.

“I would advise any officer to subscribe, if you have an injury it can speed up recovery a great deal but it’s also very good residentially to socialise with other officers from around the country.”

And he concluded: “The beds are very comfy, the food is great and the classes are worthwhile attending as they really help your recuperation.”

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