Derbyshire Police Federation

PM’s message on crime long overdue, says Fed chair

14 August 2019

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to tackle violent crime have been welcomed by Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton who says the Government’s re-investment in policing and the criminal justice system is long overdue. 

Having announced plans to recruit 20,000 extra police officers in the next three years almost as soon as becoming PM, Mr Johnson has now pledged to create 10,000 more prison places, extend stop and search, plough more money into the Crown Prosecution Service and conduct a review of sentencing of dangerous and prolific offenders.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has also said offenders should be ‘fearful of committing criminal activities’.

“I welcome the Government’s new stance,” says Tony, “For far too long now, police officers have been under pressure to do more with less when we all know that is just not possible. Officers have been over-stretched, our communities and law-abiding citizens have felt the consequences of cuts and so have we.

“Hopefully, the PM’s plans will come to fruition so that all parts of the criminal justice system can come together to stem the shocking rise in violent crime that has been sweeping the country. While Derbyshire has been less affected than some other areas, we still need to ensure we can tackle those who seem to think it’s OK to carry knives, attack people and engage in criminal activities.

“An increase in officer numbers will be a good starting point but it is just that, a starting point. We now need to see a sustained investment in policing so we can provide the visible and effective policing service we know the public want to see.”




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